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HM Focus has created a sales tracking dashboard/ visualisation. The report will be used to plot sales by suburb while also cross-analysing against ABS Census data e.g. Average Income by Postcode. This analysis will also be used to identify geographic opportunities e.g.Palm Beach, 2108: average suburb income $230k.

We focus on marketing to the highest standard and in an efficient manner. Using the latest and greatest tech, we deliver a cost-effective premium service that builds growth.


Sydney Relining has been relining Sydney’s pipes and drains for over 20 years. As one of the first relining providers in Australia, they know all there is to know and have relined all there is to reline, since its inception it has always been a leader in everything it does - which includes marketing. Dane the CEO of Sydney Relining has always invested in innovative marketing so it demands the best, and results. 




2021 -ongoing

Sydney Relining’s mission is to provide an engaging website, one people want to spend time on. We will be the Relining subject matter experts; providing expert and interesting content.

How we achieve the mission:


  • 01 Research: a deep understanding of our sector, competitors, and opportunities

  • 02 Optimisation: a website that incorporates all 208 known SEO factors.

  • 03 Social: the Netflix of relining

  • 04 Visible: simple but effective monthly reporting, empowering SYD REL to make informed decisions through good governance

  • 05Leads: trialing one new targeted marketing strategy per quarter, strategies aimed directly at lead generation


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