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Eagle Protect needed both a full rebranding (including a new name), as well as a rollout plan to introduce the new brand to internal and external audiences, including staff, agents, property managers, landlords, etc. To create a successful rebrand that could evolve with Eagle Protect, we knew we needed to craft a flexible identity built around the organisation’s values.

The Deliverables

  • Name

  • Visual identity (logo, color palette)

  • Brand messaging (tagline, mission, vision, messaging pillars, etc.)

  • Brand voice and tone

  • Brand guidelines

  • Persona development

  • Promotional assets (digital and physical)

  • Rollout strategy

To help the team communicate their brand consistently and cohesively through a variety of content, we also identified and articulated additional messaging elements, including voice, tone, tagline, mission, vision, and messaging pillars that align with the brand’s core values.

To make the brand easy to apply, we also crafted brand guidelines, allowing their team to confidently create on-brand content across all digital and print assets. Crafting the promotional assets for the rebrand concurrently with the guidelines allowed us to provide real-life examples for content creators to emulate going forward.


Eagle Protect is one of Australia’s leading Agent Only Landlord Insurance providers. Their an innovative-tech led business, so they needed a brand that reflected their new take on insurance.





As the business had shifted focus and expanded its vision and mission in recent years, EagleProtect (formerly known as Landlord Complete) needed help rebranding. Having previously collaborated on graphics and collateral, we were excited to partner with them again on branding and motion animation.


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